Considerable experience of doctoral supervision (around 50), mostly in the UK.

Considerable experience of examining doctoral candidates (over 50 examinations conducted), mostly in the UK but also worldwide.



Over the years the subjects which I have taught have varied considerably. Initially my teaching specialism was principally Management Accounting, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels – with a particular emphasis on social accounting and an organisational context. This changed with my move to the Marketing Department at the University pf North London where my focus was upon Consumer Behaviour, building upon my psychology background. Over the years however my teaching has also included the teaching of Strategic Management, both in a financial context at Aston University and in a MBA context for the Open University. Additionally I have taught Research Methods to postgraduate students and to doctoral students. Most recently my teaching has been concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Governance and Sustainability, which I have taught at my own university and at many others around the world. In many ways this varied teaching portfolio is a reflection of my research interests which have always tended to be interdisciplinary within the area of business decision making.


My teaching philosophy is based upon student centred learning – essentially a Rogerian approach but heavily influenced by Freire – and upon the synthesis of knowledge from different disciplines, the teaching of accounting techniques in a business context, together with the teaching of transferable skills. As such I redesigned the courses for which I am responsible to place emphasis upon student centred approach and to provide a theoretical background to the subject in an organisational setting. I have also made considerable use of the WWW to facilitate my teaching, both as a resource and as a dissemination mechanism. Indeed some of my overseas teaching has been very largely dependant upon IT to enable student contact without physical presence. More recently I have been investigating the role of social media in course delivery. Feedback from students shows these courses to have been well received.


I believe in the use of case studies as a vehicle for integrating the techniques taught and increasing understanding of the operating of a business, and case studies have been used extensively in my modules. This involves both existing case studies and ones written specially. Increasingly at postgraduate level it involves students designing and researching their own case studies. My views concerning the use of case studies in teaching and the use of technology with case studies are expounded in several of my publications. These views about teaching are generally supported by students, who have completed questionnaires evaluating the courses delivered; again this is detailed in some of my publications.



Courses I have designed and delivered are:



Making Managerial Decisions Using Accounting Information (year 2) (double module) (Aston University)

Strategic Finance (a 2nd year second semester core course for all business students) (Aston University)

The Organisational Context of Managerial Accounting (year 4) (double module) (Aston University)

Business Skill programme for 1st year students on the Accounting for Management undergraduate degree (Aston University)

Management Accounting and Decisions (a 2nd/3rd years second semester module) (University of Nottingham)

Corporate Social Responsibility (Suffolk University, USA)



Business Performance Planning and Control (Aston University)

Accounting for Decision Making and Control (Aston University)

Buyer Behaviour (University of North London)

Research Methods (University of North London)

Managing Finance (University of North London)

Corporate Social Responsibility (London Metropolitan University)

Corporate Citizenship and Ethical Business (London Metropolitan University)

Research Methods in Accounting & Finance (De Montfort University)

Corporate Social Responsibility (De Montfort University)

Corporate Social Responsibility (Zagreb School of Economics and Management)

Corporate Governance (De Montfort University)


Doctoral Research Methods:

Philosophy of Management Research (Aston University & University of North London)


Distance Learning courses developed:

Philosophy of the Management Research (Aston University)

Managing Finance (University of North London; revised for London Metropolitan University)

Managing Change (University of North London)

Corporate Financial Planning (London Metropolitan University)


On-line courses developed:

Corporate Social Responsibility (Suffolk University, USA)


I regularly act as advisor in the development of CSR related courses at institutions around the world – at masters and doctoral levels.


I have given lectures at the following universities:

Tallinn Technical University, Estonia; 2000

Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal; 2002; 2007

University of Delhi, India; 2006

Suffolk University, Boston, USA; 2007

Yildiz Technical University, Turkey; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010

Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia; 2008

Bucharest Academy of Economics and Management, Romania; 2009 

Taramanugara University, Indonesia; 2009

Trisakti University, Indonesia; 2009

ISEG, Portugal; 2011

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil; 2011

Petrobras Corporate University, Brazil; 2011

Shanghai University, China, March 2016






2008 – 2012    Founding Head, Centre for Research into Organisational Governance, De Montfort University 

2005 – 2012    Research Convenor, Dept of Accounting & Finance, De Montfort University

2004 – 2006    Course leader, MA in Corporate Social Responsibility, London Metropolitan University

2003 – 2005    Founding editor, Research Papers in Corporate Social Responsibility, London Metropolitan University

2001 – 2005    Director of Research, Business School, University of North London / London Metropolitan University

2001 – 2002     Webmaster and organiser for European Critical Accounting Studies Conference

2000 – 2003     Founding convenor of Studies in Social Marketing Research Group, University of North London

2000 – 2003     Founding editor of Studies in Social Marketing Working Paper Series, University of North London

2000 – 2003     Convenor of Studies in Social Marketing Seminar Program, University of North London

1997 – 1998    Convenor of Finance & Accounting Research Group, Aston University

1997 – 1998    Convenor of Finance & Accounting Seminar Program, Aston University

1996 – 1999    Conference convenor and organiser for the Management Accounting Research Group Conference held annually at Aston University

1996 – 1999     Course Director for the MSc in Financial Management and Control, Aston University

Supervision and Teaching