This organisation was started by David in 2004 following the success of the 1st International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility. He remains the Chair of the organisation which is a body of scholars who are concerned with the Social Contract between all stakeholders in global society and consequently with the socially responsible behaviour of organisations.

The mission of the SRRNet is to promote collaborative, cross-cultural and international research on any aspect of its social responsibility agenda, to disseminate such research globally and to improve knowledge. 

Its primary activities are concerned with publishing and organising conferences. These take the form

  • Publishing Social Responsibility Journal, the premier journal in the field, the official journal of the Network published in collaboration with Emerald Group Publishing

  • Organising the annual International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Publishing a book series – Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility in collaboration with Emerald Group Publishing

Membership of the network is free and open to anyone who shares its aims. 


To join send an email to You will be added to the mailing list. 

If you want information disseminated then also send an email to giving details. 

Please note that these are the criteria for dissemination of information: 

1. We only disseminate information relating to activities of Network members 

2. Any information must be relevant to social responsibility 

3. Any information must be of general interest to the international membership of the Network

So go to the site of SRRNet for more information.

The network for all concerned with researching social responsibility


Professor Dr David Crowther


Secretary and Conferences Chair:

Shahla Seifi

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