Academic Profile


a)  Academic and Professional Qualifications




Membership of Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CPFA) - 1975

Membership of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - ACMA 1977; FCMA 1986

MBA, Loughborough University – 1989 

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Information Management, CNAA – 1992 

BA in psychology, Open University – 1993 

Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling, Nottingham University – 1994 

PhD - The dialectics of corporate reporting, Aston University – 1999

Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Aston University – 2000 

MEd, Open University – 2002 

Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) 2012



b) Professional Memberships


Chartered Institute of Management (MCMI) - 1986 

Higher Education Academy (Fellow) - 2007

Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism

Social Responsibility Research Network

Global Academy of Business & Economic Research

Knowledge Globalization Institute

Research in Organisational Governance Network

Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (Senior professional member)


c) Honours and awards

2019    Member, Ansted University Board, Malaysia

2018    Member, Romanian Academy of Scientists

2016    Lifetime Achievement Award from Marquis Who’s Who

2014    Lifetime Achievement Award from Global Corporate Governance Institute

2014    Listed in 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21stCentury

2010    Listed in Great Minds of the 21stCentury

2009    Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America

2008   Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in the World

2008   Listed in Dictionary of International Biography

2007    'Highly Recommended Runner-Up’ educator in the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ category 

EABIS and Aspen Center for Business Education European Faculty Pioneer Awards

2004   Ansted University Foundation award

2003   Honorary Doctor of Science, Université Francophone Internationale, Belgium

2003   Special advisor to Vice-Rectorate, Université Francophone Internationale, Belgium

  1. Académico de Mérito, Muy Ilustre Academia Mundial de Ciencias Tecnología Educación y Humanidades, Spain

2003   Diplome 'ad Honores', Académie Européenne des Arts, France

2003   Certificate of Registration as International Expert in Social Education, Association 

Internationale pour l'Ecole de Promotion Collective, Togo

2002    Fellow of North American Academy of Arts & Sciences

2002   Honorary Doctor of Social Science, Ansted University, Malaysia

2000    Honorary Council Member, Ansted University, Malaysia



d) Working Appointments 


1970 – 1994    Working in business as accountant and manager


1994 – date      Working in the academic sector as researcher, consultant and professor


My business employment has given me extensive experience in operating as an accountant, general manager and consultant in a wide range of organisational situations. This experience has proved invaluable to my teaching and to my research.



e) Other Activities

2013 – date     Founding Board member, Research In Organisational Governance Network

2012 – date     Advisory Board member, GSE Research Ltd

2011 – date     Member of Scientific Committee, Centre for Competitive Intelligence and    

                       Strategic Management, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications 

                       (INPT), Morocco

2007 – date     Patron, The Temple Trust (Sri Lanka)

2007 – date     Partner, The Knowledge Globalization Institute, USA

2006 – date     Board member, Global Academy of Business & Economic Research, USA       

2005 – date     Founding chair of the Social Responsibility Research Network 


2003 – date     Member, Citizen Works Corporate Reform Commission, USA

2003 – date     External research professor, Université Francophone Internationale

2003 – date      Founding board member, Association for Integrity in Accounting, USA

2002 – date      Affiliate, Corporate Citizenship Research Unit, Deakin University, Australia

2009 – 2012    External examiner, University of Mauritius

2009 – 2014    Director, The Durability Institute

2002 – 2010    Board member, Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism (SCOS), 

including spells as Membership Secretary & Treasurer

2006 – 2010    External examiner, Lincoln University postgraduate programme                               

2005 – 2008    External Advisor, Accounting & Finance, University of the West of England

2004 – 2007    Faculty member and academic advisor, International Entrepreneurs 

Association, Malaysia

2002 - 2007     Advisor to Ralph Nader, US Presidential Candidate

2002 – 2007    Faculty member, New York College of Advanced Studies

2000 – 2005    External examiner, University of the West of England, Undergraduate 

   programme, Management accounting / financial management subject area

2000 – 2003    Assessor for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 

   Financial Information for Management

2000 – 2003    Webmaster and committee member of British Accounting Association 

Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Interest Group

1999 - 2002     External examiner, Postgraduate programmes, School of Finance & 

                            Law, Bournemouth University

1994 – 2001    Examiner for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Association of 

Accounting Technicians; Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in Management Accounting (at various times)

1994 - 1997     Question writer for University of Cambridge Local Examination     

                            Syndicate MENO Thinking Skills Service

1993 - 1997    Tutor for Open University MBA courses in Strategic Management and 

                            Performance Measurement



g) Visiting appointments


2018                Visiting Professor, Shanghai University, China

2016                Visiting Professor, Shanghai University, China

2014                Visiting Professor, Kaunus University of Technology, Lithuania

2013                Visiting Professor, University of Seville, Spain

2006 – 2013    Visiting Professor, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

2008                Visiting Professor, Suffolk University, USA

2008 – 2009   Visiting Professor, Zagreb School of Economics & Management, Croatia

2007                Visiting Professor, Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal

2000 – date    External Professor, Ansted University, Malaysia

1999 – 2002    Visiting Professor, Talinn Technical University, Estonia

1999 – 2001    Visiting Lecturer, Nottingham University



Research Interests


Research interests are interdisciplinary in the areas of marketing, strategic management, accounting and organisational studies. These can be considered as a concern with corporate social responsibility. Interests include:

•      Governance and the management of global markets

•      Factors affecting corporate sustainability

•      The application of Games Theory to sustainability problems

•      The implications of organisational activity upon the wider stakeholder environment

•      Accounting for the wider environment and stakeholder influences upon corporate reporting systems. The effect of environmental influences on corporate reporting.

•      The relationship between socially responsible behaviour and financial performance.

•      Behaviour in the workplace.

•       The determination of community identity and implications for organisational or societal inclusion / exclusion.

•       The relationship between financial and economic measures of performance and corporate culture and strategic development. 



I regularly review papers for a wide variety of journals, books, conferences etc..





I am founding editor, and currently editor in chief, of Social Responsibility Journal (founded in 2005). 


I am on the editorial boards of the following journals:

Journal of Industrial Engineering and Safety

Accountancy. Business & the Public Interest, UK

Journal of Finance & Management in Public Services, UK

The Dearborn Educator, USA

Journal of Accounting Business & Management, Indonesia

African Journal of Risk and Insurance, Nigeria

International Journal of Social and Environmental Accounting, Indonesia

International Journal of Accounting & Finance, Canada

International Journal of Management Development, Canada

Journal of Knowledge Globalization, USA

Malaysian Accounting Review

Global Excellence Review, India

Corporate Sustainability – An Asia-Pacific Review Journal, Malaysia

European Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Romania

Journal of Humanities and Public Policy, Brazil

Social Business, UK

Multidisciplinary Journal for Applied Ethics, USA

International Journal of Critical Accounting, USA

Journal of Academic Minds, Malaysia

Sisyphus Journal of Politics, Economics and Management, Turkey

International Journal of Service Management and Sustainability, Malaysia


I have edited special issues of the following journals:

Management Decision;Social responsibility and marketing; Vol 40 No 2, 2002

Managerial Auditing Journal; Electronic auditing and accountability; Vol 18 No 3, 2003

International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance: CSR in Accounting and Finance; Vol 2 No 3, 2010


I am editor of the Emerald books series, Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility since 2010. Also of the Approaches to Global Sustainability, Markets and Governance series with Springer Publishing since 2016.


I have acted as editor for the following book series:

  • A book series on Developments in Sustainability Governance and Social Responsibility published by Gower, Aldershot 2007 – 2013 

  • A SRRNet Book Series on issues in Corporate Behaviour and Sustainability 2008 – date 

  • SRRNet Discussion Paper Series 2008 – date 

  • A book series on Applied Research in Corporate Social Responsibility published by Gower, Aldershot 2007 – 2013 

  • A book series on Corporate Social Responsibility published by Ashgate, Aldershot – 2003-2007

  • An MBA textbook series, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility, published by Butterworth Heinneman – 2004-2006

  • General editor of the biannual book Social Responsibility World published by Ansted University Press, Penang – 2002-2005



Conference Organisation


I have organised the following conferences:

Management Accounting Research Group Conference, Aston (sole organiser 1996-1999; joint organiser 2000)

British Accounting Association Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Interest Group Annual Worksop, Manchester, 2002 (joint organiser) 

European Critical Accounting Studies Conference, Leicester, 2002 (joint organiser)

British Accounting Association Accounting Education Special Interest Group Annual Conference, London Metropolitan University, May 2006 (joint organiser)

27thSCOS Annual Conference, Copenhagen & Malmo, July 2009

Organisational Governance conferences:

1stOrganisational Governance Conference: Corporate Governance Crises: Causes, Effects and Solutions De Montfort University, September 2011

2ndOrganisational Governance Conference, Rabat, Morocco, September 2012

3rdOrganisational Governance Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, August 2013

4thOrganisational Governance Conference, Bucharest Academy of Economics & Management, Romania, 2014

Merged with the International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility series thereafter


The International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility series (with colleague from respective host university):

1stCSR conference, London, UK, 2003

2ndCSR conference, Penang, Malaysia, 2004

3rdCSR conference, Udaipur, India, 2005

4thCSR conference, London, UK, 2005

5thCSR conference, Edirne, Turkey, 2006

6thCSR conference, Selangor, Malaysia, 2007

7thCSR conference, Durham, UK, 2008

8thCSR conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 2009

9thCSR conference, Zagreb, Croatia, 2010

10thCSR conference, New Orleans, USA, 2011

11thCSR conference, Lahti, Finland, 2012

12thCSR conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013

13thCSR conference, Bradford, UK, 2014

14thCSR conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

15thCSR conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

16thCSR conference, Buxton, UK, 2017

17thCSR conference, Bangalore, India, 2018

18thCSR Conference, Barcelos, Portugal, 2019



I am regularly invited to be a member of the Scientific Committee at conferences. 


I have organised the following symposia:

Heresy, deviance, and constructions of organisation; SCOS; Dublin; July 2001 (with colleagues from Tilburg University, Netherlands, Warwick University & Birmingham University)

Doing Time: Mythic stories and dramas as an antidote to speed; SCOS; Budapest; July 2002 (with colleagues from Tilburg University, Netherlands, Warwick University & Leicester University)

Representations of Corporate Social Responsibility; Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Glamorgan, September 2004 (with colleagues from London Metropolitan)

Responsabilidade Social: responsabilidade de quem?; para el IX Congreso del CLAD, Madrid, November 2004 (with colleagues from Brazil and Spain)

CSR & NGOs; 6thInternational Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2007 (with colleagues from China, Malaysia & Turkey)

Enterprising Our World: Sustainable Business in Action; Caucus at Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, August 2009 (with colleagues from Canada & Turkey)

Leading CSR: The Challenge of Implementation - Strategy into Practice; 8thInternational Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2009 (with colleagues from Denmark, Romania, Turkey & UK)

Global Perspectives on CSR; 9thInternational Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2010 (with colleagues from Croatia, Iran, Mauritius, Norway, & Portugal)

European Approaches to Sustainable Development; World Productivity Congress, Antalya, Turkey, 2010 (with colleagues from Turkey, Spain & France)

CSR and economic recovery; 10thInternational Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, New Orleans, USA, May 2011 (with colleagues from India, Turkey, Uganda & USA)

News International and governance; 1stOrganisational Governance Conference; De Montfort University, UK 2011

Do we need global governance?; 2ndOrganisational Governance Conference; INPT, Rabat, Morocco, September 2012 (with colleagues from Malaysia, Romania, Saudi Arabia)



Recent keynotes

18th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility; Barcelos, Portugal, Septemebrs 2019

International Conference on Engineering & Technology (ICET-19), London, June 2019

17th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility; Bangalore, India, September 2018

16th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Buxton, UK, August 2017

VIIth GECAMB conference, Cavado, Portugal, November 2016

15th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Melbourne, Australia, September 2016

2nd International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference, Zagreb, November 2015

5th Organizational Governance Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2015

5th International Women and Business Conference, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2014

PhD Conference in Abuja, Nigeria; January 2014

2nd Social Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainable Business Conference, Bournemouth, UK, September 2013 

3rd Organisational Governance Conference, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, August 2013

Charity in Khazakstan conference; Astana, Khazakstan; May 2013

Ethics governance and fraud conference, Bradford, UK, July / August 2012

International Colloquium on Sustainability, Lisbon, Portugal; April 2012

2nd International Conference on Governance and Accountability, Sarawak, Malaysia; February 2012

2nd International Conference on Arts, Social Sciences and Technology (ICAST 2012); Penang, Malaysia; March 2012 

3rd International Congress on Intellectual Disability: Advancing in Social Responsibility; University of Jaen, Spain; February 2011 

The 2010 International Conference on Governance and Accountability; Indonesia, December 2010 

Conference on the Role of HR in Building a Sustainable Organisation; London, December 2010

Empresas, Empresarios e Responsibilidade Social: Os Percursos de Portugal; Lisbon, Portugal; February 2010

Global Economy: challenge, opportunity and recovery; Jakarta, Indonesia, December 2009 

International CSR conference, Lahore, Pakistan, November 2008 (by video)

International Conference on Business Governance & Social Responsibility, Paris, May 2008 

Knowledge Globalization Conference, Suffolk University, USA, April 2008

Kurukshetra University, India, November 2007

Accessibility in Tourism Development & Corporate Social Responsibility Conference; Open University, UK; October 2007 

International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Trakya University, Turkey, May 2006 

International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Mohal lal Sukhadia University, India, February 2005

International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Ansted University, Malaysia, November 2004

Conference on Bioengineering problems and perspectives, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, October 2004

Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility; University of Glamorgan; September 2004


Recent invited speeches

Health & Wellbeing at Work Exhibition, Birmingham, UK; March 2014

Knowledge Brief Seminar, London, November 2013

Corporate Management and Social Responsibility; Moscow City Council; October 2012 

Al Akhawayn University, Ifranes, Morocco, September 2012

Malaysian Forum for Business Sustainability; Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group & Perception Management Sdn Bhd; Kuala Lumpur, May 2012

FMM Kedah – symposium for business leaders, Kedah, Malaysia, March 2012

Book launch – Teias e Tramas da Responsabilidade Social  O investimento social empresarial na saúde, Alice Costa; Rio de Janeiro, 1/10/11

Workshop on Social Responsibility, Development and Equity in Public Policies; International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Netherlands, January 2011 

JSD Consulting, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 2010

Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Centenary Lecture series; November 2010

Book Launch – Global Money, Branka Mraovic; Zagreb, 17/6/10

Symposium on CSR, Taramanugara University, Indonesia, December 2009

Ethics & Economy conference, Copenhagen, September 2008

CSR & SME project workshops, Tashkent & Samarkand, Uzbekistan, February 2007 

Symposium on Business Ethics, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia, June 2006

Mainstreaming CSR conference, London, Feb 2006

Europe House Zagreb, Croatia, February 2006

Integrales de L’investissement Conference, Rabat, Morocco, December 2005

Instituto Universitario de Estudios Fiscales y Financieros, Universidad de Murcia, Spain, March 2005

St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace Studies, London, January 2004


Other invited lectures

Shanghai University, China, March 2016

Henley Business School, University of Reading; March 2013

Universiti Teknologi Mara, Kedah Branch, Malaysia, March 2012

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Volta Redonda, Brazil, October 2011 

Petrobras Corporate University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2011

Universidade Federal Fluminense, Nitteroi, Brazil, October 2011

ISEG, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2011

University of Seville, Spain, February 2011

Zagreb School of Economics & Management, June 2010

University of East London, February 2010

Trisakti University, Indonesia, December 2009 

Bucharest Academy of Economics and Management, May 2009 

Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, Portugal, December 2007

Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India, November 2007 

University of Essex, February 2008

University of Durham, September 2004 

Salamanca University, Spain, July 2003

Polytechnic Institute of Guarda. Portugal, November 2002

Ansted University, Malaysia, October 2002

University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, February 2002

Tallinn Technical University, Estonia, September 2000


Media work

Responsible business in Africa – Radio France International; 9/3/10 

Veza DOP-a i opstanka tvrtke; interview in Poslovni Dnevnik, 9/6/10 

Appearance on Malaysian TV: http//​20120524_t60btv-bn-0600pm_3.wmv (24/4/12 repeated 3 times) 

and related newspaper articles:

  ​news/387516(the Sun Daily)

            http://​​nstweb/fullstory/59019(New Sabah Times)​articles/20120523124054/​Article/(Business Times)

Radio interview; Malaysia; August 2012

TV interview; Iran; April 2016

TV interview; India; September 2018



Consulting assignments

Advice given to: 

 2019    South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) (assessment)

2017    Canadian Research Council

2016    South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) (assessment)

2015    Canadian Research Council

2015    South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) (assessment)

2013    South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) (assessment)

2010    DESMI, Republic of Cyprus

2010    Swiss National Science Foundation

2008    Korea Research Foundation

2008    ESRC (UK)

2007    Canadian Research Council